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What is behind it all


My name is kfir Pravda. I am a marketing and business development consultant, and currently I am VP marketing of a young startup called ChasmLeap (yes, it refers to moore’s book, and yes, we also think it’s a great one…). I am surfing the web a lot, in order to find informaiton, market trends, technology developents and new ideas. As we all know, the hardest thing is to find reliable, comprehensive and up to date information sources. The blog revolution made things even more complicated. A lot of people are writing blogs these days, and finding the best ones is extremely complex and tidious work. However, there are many good sites out there,which are updated frequently, has great information, and offer a unique point of view. In addition, the blog era opened a direct channel betrween readers and prominent figures; the best example will be to read the private blog of Gerry Becker, a nobel prize winner, which you can directly communicate with one of the most influetntial figures in legal thinking today.

In this blog you will find, the best blogs, sites, books, news and other information sources, in the fields mentioned below.

  • Law And Economics – legal thinking has drasitcally changed in the last decades, giving rise to economical approach as an important tool to analyse legal procedures and outcomes. This facinating field includes not only strict legal theory, but also aspects of game theory and pure modern ecnomics. As the subject includes several aspects, the section is divided to several subsections, including pure economy, game theory and general law issues.
  • Media and Law – with new technologies such as DRM are being massively implemented by technlogy and media companies, consumer rights are changing drastically. In this section we will review new development in this field, and its affect on day to day life of all of us. A special subsection is devoted to open source movement, as it represent a challenge to the conventional IP regime.
  • The Media Landscape – technology is changing the way we consume content. The implementation of new wireless broadband technologies enable users to watch their favorite video clips on the move. Introduction of mobile TV and time shifting technologies changes not only the way users consume televised content, but also the advertisment industry as a whole. Here you will find the best sources and news covering the trends and technologies in this field.
  • Strategy, Innovation, and competitiveness – as a marketing proffesional, mastering the fields of innovation and competitivness are a daily challenge. This section provides theoretical tools as well as life exprience in these fields. special subsection is dedicated to collaboration as a competititve edge, as it is one of the trickiest aspects of this field.
  • The Bookshelf – my virtual bookshelf, which includes books in the reviewed topics, including my personal reviews on them.

You are more than welcome to comment on the articles. Debate is an important aspect of this site. please feel free to recommend on new sites, news sources and books on these topics.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Kfir Pravda


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